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Finding your ideal candidate can be a seemingly impossible task in the current job market.  Companies are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by not attracting and hiring quality candidates quickly enough.  At Talent Select Inc., we locate, identify and fully vet only peak performers, those who have the requisites, meet the demands and truly measure up to the specifications of your position. We offer a consultative approach which is fully customized according to your unique requirements.


Retained Search

Also known as "Engaged Search", this is our primary method of service. Retained/Engaged clients are given top priority, as Talent Select Inc. is given exclusive rights to this search through its completion. A Retained Search is usually the most time and cost effective way to fill your positions. A deposit representing a portion of our fee is payable up front in order to initiate the search. The deposit is then deducted from the total fee once the assignment is completed. A Retained Search is full service and covers the entire search process (click each step to learn more):

1) Sourcing
We have many diverse methods for obtaining information on viable candidates. Some of these include professional referrals, networking, name generation, and good, old fashioned direct recruiting. You can rest assured that we will not be scouring career boards and supplying you with the same, recycled resumes other firms are submitting.

2) Identifying
As our process is very consultative, we will take the time necessary to truly understand your needs and expectations, as our client, and the position you are seeking to fill. With this information, it becomes very easy for us to quickly determine who is potentially qualified.

3) Contacting
Our manner is very direct. Once we have identified a potential candidate, we call them immediately. We engage them in conversation and set a tone which is very honest and relaxed, the first steps to building a strong rapport.

4) Screening
Before giving any information about a particular position, we ask questions. Many questions. It is most important to glean information about the character of a candidate and how well of a potential fit they may be, by having them talk about themselves, their accomplishments, and what they see as an ideal opportunity. This allows Talent Select Inc. to discern, at once, the suitable from the unsuitable.

5) Recruiting
After screening a potential candidate who has the right credentials and attitude, we begin to tell them about the opportunity available. With their information already in hand, we know which aspects of the position and company will be very attractive. If the candidate expresses a sincere interest in learning more, we obtain their resume and prepare for an initial presentation.

6) Presentation
Knowing the strengths and needs of the candidate, we contact you with the preliminary facts we have acquired about the candidate and send you their resume.

7) Prepping Candidate & Client
Before scheduling any type of interview, we delve deeply into conversation with both the candidate and client in preparation for their initial meeting. Discussion includes all aspects of the position, personality of each individual, and what to expect from the interview as well as the types of questions to ask, what information needs to be covered, and how each party should “sell” their abilities and services.

8) Interview Setups
Talent Select Inc. will coordinate all interviews between candidate and client according their schedules and timelines.

9) Debriefing Candidate & Client
After each interview, our recruiter(s) will contact both candidate and client for a debriefing, or cross-questioning about their overall impression, interest level, concerns and questions which need to be answered, as well as what was covered during the interview. We are then able to gauge whether or not all parties confidently wish to move forward.

10) Addressing Concerns
Not only do we ensure the satisfaction of our client and candidate, but we go so far as to assure the support and approval of our candidate’s family. A career move is one of the most important decisions an individual will make. If one’s family is not happy, the candidate is not happy, and that trickles down to the client company. (We want everyone to be happy.)

11) Clarifying Issues
Whether it is the specifics of job duties, travel time or relocation, Talent Select will delineate all matters of concern to all parties involved.

12) Counseling Candidate on Counter Offers
Understanding Emotional Intelligence is a crucial aspect of the search process. From the beginning, we are aware of the possibility that some of these issues can arise and we make every effort to proactively anticipate and resolve any concerns or problems which may surface.

13) Candidate Commitment
At this point in the process, we obtain a firm commitment from the candidate to accept the offer. Prior negotiations regarding salary, benefits, special requests, etc. have been addressed to the satisfaction of both parties. We require a “pre-acceptance” of the offer by the candidate. This is accomplished via a letter of intent from the candidate stating their intention to accept employment with our client, and stating their anticipated start date. We also require written assurance from the candidate stating that under no circumstances will a counter-offer from their current employer be entertained or accepted.

14) Reference Checks
Reference checks are furnished upon request, appurtenant to the type of reference required.

15) Presentation of Offer
In most cases, Talent Select Inc. will present the offer and obtain acceptance on behalf of our client, however, other arrangements can be made depending upon client preferences.

16) Hire and Start Date - Assignment Completed
You are now ready to embark upon a successful, mutually rewarding relationship for years to come.
Additional services include a follow up for 3 months after start date to ensure satisfaction of candidate and client.

Key Benefits:
• You Are Our Top Priority “We Own It!”
• Lower Fee Than Other Types of Searches
• Fully Customized According to Your Need

Unbundled Search

Perhaps there are certain aspects of the search process that you do not understand, or have the necessary resources to complete, but there are other aspects, which you can handle without the need of an external recruitment firm. With Unbundled Services, you may select portions of the full search process suited to your needs, including but not limited to sourcing, name generation, reference checking, and resume screening. Pricing is based upon a flat fee or per diem basis.
Key Benefits:
• Pay Only for the Parts of the Search You Require
• Combines Your Expertise with that of a Professional Search Firm
• Fully Customized According to Your Needs

Contract Recruiting

More akin to an external division of Human Resources, than an actual Search Firm, Contract Recruiting is designed for multiple assignments over a specific time period with payment on a per-diem basis only.

Key Benefits:
• No Percentage Fees
• Temporary Position
• Focused Multiple Projects Paid Hourly
• Fully Customized According to Your Needs